Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some LO's to share.

Hey there,

Haven't really got much to say today, just thought I'd share some LO's

Here are my Guest dT LO's  and mini book For KTM for the month of April. I loved working with the DT kit, Great stuff for my cheeky boys. 

These next two LO's are my sample LO's for the challenges I set at KTM for April. The first is a themed challenge I chose easter or anything chocolate related YUM! The next is for the criteria challenge, this needs to include transparency or screen print, a metal element and chipboard. 

I have still got more to share, I'll be back soon to share the rest.
Back soon Suzi


Rebekkah said...

I love everything ! I remember that last one of Bailey from C4k , just loved it then and even more now. I havent seen one with just you and the boys, so its nice to see you in the photos as well :)
Love the one of Declan eating chocolate and the one of you and Bailey. What great challenges you have set, let me know how they go, by the way you have been tagged ! check my blog !

judee d said...

Love them all Suzi, Guess who's got talent. S U Z I Yaaahh
Keep smilin g and healthy