Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LO share

Not much going on ATM, just a quick share.
Artypants had a girls night in on friday to raise money for Breast Cancer. It was a great night packed full, lots of fun, raffles and I managed a bit of scrapping. Lot's of yummy cupcakes too.

I did a pink LO. It was a bit of a struggle to try and use so much pink, but in the end I actually enjoyed it. It was for a pink challenge that AP were running in conjunction with the girls night in. 

This is a Lo for Octobers puzzlesketches

These were my two final LO's for the Stuck CT call

Got a few bits and pieces nearly finished. I'll share them next time.

See ya


Kerryn said...

Awesome layouts Suzi! Good luck with the Stuck CT call :)

Laura said...

They are fantastic layouts Suzi!!! You are sure to get on the Stuck team, goodluck :D

Wendy Smith said...

Gorgeous work Suzi, COngrats on the STUCK position

judee d said...

Congratulations Suzi on your Stuck team acceptance. Your layouts were ideed inspirational as per usual.
Keep up the fantastic work
Keep smiling and healthy

jodee76 said...

Great to have you on the Stuck team with me

Love everything you do - ALWAYS!!