Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG!!!! I didn't realise it had been so long.

I don't quite know where to start. I might need to do this one in segments I think. 

I'll start with christmas, It was wonderful. The boys had a fantastic time and got so many presents. I really need to do a clean out of the toy room. 
The whole month of December was pretty busy with parties and school and kinder special days etc.
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas.
Anyway here are some of our favourite photos.

New Years was pretty quiet, we just went out for dinner early in the night with the kids. We went to an all you can eat, so they had a ball. So did the BIG boy of the family. Then we went back to my sisters and played guitar hero. 

Bailey broke his elbow on the trampoline. He didn't fall off(it has a net) he just landed the wrong way. It's not a huge break but he has a back slab(half cast) on his arm. He is managing fine but it has been a bit of a bummer with the holidays. He should get it off next tuesday which is just in time for school, which he is very stressed about just incase he has to go to school with it on.

We have just been chillin' for the holidays. Rick has had time off so we have tried to get some stuff done around the house and jut relaxed at home with the kids. We took the kids into the city for lunch at China town which was alot of fun. Other than that we have just been having BBQ's at the park and going out for dinner etc but they seem to be enjoying being at home.  We went to see the sand sculptures at Frankston beach, but we couldn't believe how busy it was so we did something else instead, we will still go before the holidays are over, they look fantastic

Both the boys are so excited about school starting. It is both scary and exciting for me. I thought it was bad when Bailey went but I think it's worse this time because Declan's the baby.
But on the other hand think of all the time I will have to myself.

As far as scrapping goes I haven't really done that much over the last few months. I have only been doing my STUCK LO's. I am hoping to get back into it over the next few weeks as school goes back and things settle down a bit. I'd like to start getting some albums together and doing some challenges too.
Unfortunately Artypants has closed it's shop front, but will be relaunching the internet store soon. I already miss being able to pop in and pick up my bits and bobs and off course have a chat. But look forward to catching up with everyone soon.
I have had a chance to do a massive clean out in my scrap room though and it is started to look really good and most things have a place now which makes it a bit easier to find things.

Here's my most recent stuck lo's

Oh well, I think I made it all in one post without going on too much. 
I'll make sure not to leave it so long between posts next time.

See ya


Kerryn said...

Hiya Suzi, we've been wondering where you were! Glad to hear all is good. Hope the start to the school year goes well for the boys!

Loving your Stuck layouts. Hope you get the chance to do some more layouts soon :).

Toni said...

Hey Suzi, nice to see you back, yes we were worried. Love the layouts. Take care xx

judee d said...

Hi Suzi,
We miss all the chats with you and the rest of our customers too, but remember you can always pop around for a coffe and a chat if you want. Ring first.
Glad the back slab will be off the arm before school starts.
Isn't it great just relaxing at home with nowhere to go.
Speak soon
Keep smiling and healthy

suzARTe said...

really lovely LO's. really love your style