Saturday, May 30, 2009

A quick photo update.

Hey there, here's some pics of what we have been up to lately.  I'll be back with a scrappy update soon. 

We took a train into the city for the day a few weeks ago and had some Japanese for lunch and did a bit of shopping etc. We also took some ace pics of the kids. How disgusting are these jackets? (but I do love the pics).

We have been painting and redecorating our lounge room. My scrap room has been painted, I just need to finish reorganising it and it will be done. We also got a new fish tank. It is so AWESOME. I could watch it all day. It's so relaxing.

Our fish tank was a second hand set up so it came with fish. The boys were so excited that it had two clown fish(Nemo and Marlin).But we have added some extras now. We got a dory(blue tang) and a gorgeous blue star fish. 

I have given in to my LOVE for Pandora and got a necklace. I just love it. 
Yertle the Turtle is happy in his new home. He was originally in a tank when we got him from Kinder. He now has a pond, paved area and garden to wander around in. He loves the camera too. He sticks his head right in the lens. LOL.
We LOVE meringues. I have been experimenting with different shapes and sizes. These are our meringue monsters we made for easter.
Some of my Favourite photos from easter

The boys love these. K-nex. They got some for christmas and we play with them all the time.
Declan is a big school boy now and is going along well. I haven't posted any pics yet so here's some. Bailey was made the SRC member for his grade. He made this suggestion box for his class(with a bit of help). Declan made this cute elephant mask at school.
Anyway I'll be back soon with some layouts and some AP updates(lot's going on). I need to take some photos of my layouts. I left it too late today and they were dodgy.

See ya soon


judee d said...

What a cool update Suzi, You always seem to fit a lot into a small blogg. Love your photo's
Keep smiling and healthy